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Tips to help your child improve in maths

Ask any child which subject scares them the most and there will hardly be any kid who would not choose maths. It collectively unites kids in disliking the one subject that has the most relevance in the real world. A majority of the fears come up because of a lack of basic understanding and weak conceptual knowledge. Be it learning math online or in person, here are some tips to improve your child's hold over maths:

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How to make reading fun for your little one!

Reading is essential for the growth of a child. It is fundamental in the process of education. Nowadays, most children only read academic books for grades. Television screens and smartphones tend to capture their attention much more than words on a page. There were days when parents used to be upset with their children for reading comics. But now, parents are the biggest cheerleaders, as they clearly know the benefits

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Online English Classes: Myths and Truths

The pandemic has made us all stay at home for an extended period of time. Every day service industries where people gather, like schools and colleges have been shut off or slowed down for face to face learning for almost a year. This has affected one of the precious years of our students' educational journey. To save children from academic loss, schools started conducting online classes. Some parents were in favor of this

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