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11 Techniques to Improve your Study Habit



There is a method to all of the madness when it comes to creating strong study habits. It's possible that the study habits you developed in high school will not function as well in college. You may, however, build on such behaviors to make your study habits more disciplined—which you will need! You'll have more responsibilities at college, but you'll also have more independence. This may be difficult for first-year college students to balance.

Locate a suitable study location.

You need to be in a quiet atmosphere with few interruptions, one that will help you stay focused on your duties. The library has always been a trustworthy place to accomplish academic severe work, but be sure you're prepared if you want to work somewhere else. Other locations on campus may give you a tremendous small study nook at your university. While cafeterias can get rather crowded, some university campus cafeterias have just quiet enough for students to concentrate while they eat.

Social media should be avoided.

Nothing beats social media for a good 20-30 minutes of your time when it comes to distractions! Emails used to be a necessary evil for getting things done, but now people communicate more through social media platforms than through email or even over the phone! As a result, having a browser tab dedicated to social networking is rather typical.

Keep your phone away from you.

Avoiding your phone is also a distraction. Put your phone on mute, turn off the alarms, and flip it around so you can't even SEE them, or simply turn it off! Place the phone out of sight if it helps, so you're not tempted to check your messages.

Is there no willpower? Use an app to assist you.

Focus Booster and Anti-Social are two apps that might help you stay focused. With a timer that you set, Anti-Social limits your access to a list of websites.

Take a breather and look after yourself.

To expand on the topic of taking breaks, this should not be an option. College is demanding, and you, like any other employee, are entitled to a break. Don't be such a jerk to yourself. Working till the wee hours of the morning to do an assignment may be appropriate for that class, but it is not suitable for you or your other academic courses.

Notes from lectures should be organized.

Unless you're a legal transcriptionist, transcribing lecture notes can make your notebook look like a 7-year-old scrawled in it! That is why it is recommended that you record your instructors' lectures to gain a better knowledge of the material.

Create or join a study group.

Have we mentioned how difficult college is? It is worth repeating. Finding other students who are having difficulty understanding the material might be reassuring.

Aromatherapy, plants, and music.

Science is constantly meddling with nature, but in this case, it's only looking at how essential oils and plants affect concentration, focus, and memory.

Allow time for last-minute revisions.

This is where having well-organized lecture notes comes in handy. Always, always, always make time for a last-minute check. We're playing the tried-and-true memory game here. Most students use this strategy as one of their study habits. For the quantity of college work you'll be doing, that's simply impossible, but it can be helpful as a last-minute review—but only if you have decent notes!

Recognize your most effective learning style

It's crucial to understand that there are many learning styles and that each person retains information differently.

Make study time a regular part of your day.

If squeezing all of your study time into a few long days isn't working for you, it's time to switch things up and try something less stressful. What you do daily is more significant than what you do on a rare occasion, therefore schedule time for studying every day, whether or not you have examinations coming up.

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