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5 Ways to Teach Your Children Time Management


“I forgot my homework,” the dreaded line that neither parents nor teachers want to hear. With the wide range of extracurricular activities, athletics, and supplemental education programs, it’s easy for children to misplace assignments or forget.

To help get your children on the path to organization and better time management habits, here are helpful tips from Eye Level, the global leader in self-directed learning:

  • Start with Sequencing:Time management starts with a basic understanding of sequencing. Using keywords such as first, second, then, and so on helps children understand chronological order and reinforce the basics of time management - the what and when.
  • Visualize the Day:A “clock” cutout is a great visual way to help children plan out their day. Have children fill in a 24-hour clock, blocking time for sleep, school, extracurricular activities,, and homework. Not only will this help children with time management, but it also introduces them to spatial awareness (i.e., sleep time should be greater than television time).
  • Create a List: A simple list will go a long way. In a more straightforward approach to planning, children can organize their day by the hours or time allotted for each activity. To enhance this tactic and further teach organization, have your children create a separate list of priorities.
  • Prioritize:This is a great way to emphasize the importance of homework and school studies. When scheduling and planning, start with mentioning the essentials, such as sleep and homework, to highlight what your children should focus on.
  • Plan Ahead:Sit with your children at the beginning of each week and discuss upcoming events. Marking the calendar or talking about future events in a planned, calm environment can save twice the time and help avoid scrambling under pressure.
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