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How to Help Your Child Build Reading Comprehension Skills



Reading comprehension is a vital skill that sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning. As a parent, you play a crucial role in helping your child develop strong reading comprehension skills. At Eye Level East Cobb, we understand the importance of a comprehensive reading program for children. In this article, we will explore effective strategies that you can implement at home to support your child's reading journey and enhance their reading comprehension skills.

Create a Reading Routine:

Establishing a consistent reading routine is essential for developing strong reading comprehension skills. Set aside dedicated time each day for reading, allowing your child to immerse themselves in books. Encourage them to read a variety of genres and formats, including storybooks, non-fiction books, and even magazines or newspapers. Make reading a pleasurable experience by creating a cosy reading corner or participating in read-aloud sessions together.

Engage in Active Reading:

Active reading involves encouraging your child to interact with the text while reading. Encourage them to ask questions, make predictions, and summarize what they've read. Discuss the characters, plot, and main ideas of the story. Encourage critical thinking by asking open-ended questions that require thoughtful responses. This active engagement helps children develop their comprehension skills and encourages them to think deeply about what they're reading.

Build Vocabulary:

A strong vocabulary is essential for understanding and comprehending written text. Encourage your child to explore new words by introducing them to age-appropriate books and discussing unfamiliar terms. Encourage them to look up the meanings of unknown words in a dictionary or use context clues to infer the meaning. Expand their vocabulary by playing word games, engaging in conversations, and providing opportunities for them to use new words in everyday situations.

Foster Reading Comprehension Strategies:

Teach your child specific reading comprehension strategies to enhance their understanding of the text. Strategies such as making connections (relating the story to personal experiences), visualizing (creating mental images while reading), predicting (guessing what might happen next), and summarizing (recapping the main points of a passage) can greatly improve comprehension. Model these strategies during read-aloud sessions and discuss them with your child to help them apply these techniques independently.

Monitor Progress and Provide Feedback:

Regularly monitor your child's progress in reading comprehension and provide constructive feedback. Celebrate their achievements and highlight areas for improvement. Encourage them to reflect on their reading experiences, share their thoughts, and express their opinions about the books they read. Offering positive reinforcement and guidance will motivate your child to continue developing their reading comprehension skills.

Consider Enrolling in a Reading Program:

To provide your child with a comprehensive reading program, consider enrolling them in a specialized reading program like Eye Level East Cobb. Such programs offer structured curriculum and personalized instruction designed to develop reading comprehension skills. Eye Level East Cobb's reading program focuses on building strong foundations in reading, vocabulary, and critical thinking, helping children become confident and proficient readers.


Building strong reading comprehension skills is a journey that begins at home. By implementing these strategies, creating a reading routine, fostering active reading, building vocabulary, teaching comprehension strategies, monitoring progress, and providing feedback, you can support your child's reading development. Consider enrolling your child in a dedicated reading program like Eye Level East Cobb to enhance their reading comprehension skills further. With your guidance and the support of a comprehensive program, your child will develop a lifelong love for reading and excel academically.


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