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Summertime provides children with a much-needed holiday, but it can also mean a gap in learning and, in many cases, the loss of freshly acquired reading skills.

Eye Level is an intellectual summer camp that focuses on arithmetic, reading, and writing skills. To develop their mental math, critical thinking skills, reading comprehension, and writing ability, children receive tailored education based on their academic level. Our teaching method began with an understanding of our children's point of view, which we refer to as "eye level education," allowing them to study at their own pace.

At Eye Level East Cobb, we assist students in achieving mastery that allows them to progress to the next stage of learning while also allowing them to learn faster.

Why Eye Level

Eye level is a prominent global supplemental education service provider dedicated to developing critical thinkers and self-directed learners in our children. Eye level provides an individualized program that has consistently been the core value of "Eye Level" education to meet each child's eye level.

Get ready for some extra reading and math at your local Eye Level locations this summer. During the summer, Eye Level offers a reading curriculum in English and a math Critical Thinking program. The English program primarily focuses on novel-based reading and producing book reports. It also includes learning how to reflect into a text in search of solutions to questions and determine and break down a story's structure. It guides students on what to think about when reading and how to construct thoughtful answers to the text, allowing them to become more confident readers and writers.


According to literacy advocate Jen Robinson, reading aloud to elementary school children is beneficial even when they can read for themselves. She claims that children who are read after they have learned to read independently are more likely to like reading as they grow older. According to the author, "reading together provides families with a common vocabulary as well as a platform for all sorts of engaging discussions." Parents can pique their children's interest in the book by asking them questions like "What do you think will happen next. "Do you think you've come to a satisfactory conclusion?"

Middle school students are unlikely to want their parents to read aloud to them. But, according to Andrew Medlar, head of the American Library Service to Children, there's no reason why parents can't read alongside their children. "Aspirational reading is quite popular at this age," he says since kids want to "be grown up, and be viewed as a grown-up, and learn about what the teen and adult world is all about." It's a terrific opportunity for parents to pick up the same book as their children and discuss it.

According to Medlar, high school pupils are becoming increasingly self-reliant. As a result, now is a necessary time to leave reading materials out for them to "find." They also do a lot more reading for school, according to Robinson. So those youngsters acquire and maintain a lifetime love of reading, parents can start conversations with them about "how to find time for pleasure reading–and how to keep the prescribed reading from feeling like drudgery."

Children gain skills during the school year, but they may fall behind if learning stops over the summer. They will read more the more they enjoy reading. Every day, even if it's only for a few minutes, children's ability to read and learn develops throughout the year.

Children gain skills during the school year, but they may fall behind if learning stops over the summer. They will read more the more they enjoy reading. Every day, even if it's only for a few minutes, children's ability to read and learn develops throughout the year. Even if children do not read books every day throughout the summer, reading matters. Magazines are perfectly acceptable, so go to the library and borrow five issues of a particularly fantastic publication.

Take a look at the newspaper. If you don't have a year-long subscription, get one for the summer. Your children may look forward to getting the newspaper every day, and while the newspaper is primarily non-fiction, there are occasionally some excellent fiction pieces interspersed in.


Students will visit the Eye Level Centre twice a week, with one class serving as a regular class and the other serving as a summer reading session. This is a terrific approach for kids to continue their reading during the summer and help with the long hours of writing book reports as part of their summer reading assignment.

It's not difficult to keep your children's interest in reading and learning alive. Children learn through a range of activities, and practically everything we do involves reading. Read the cereal box if you're eating breakfast and the menu if you're eating at a restaurant. Read the news with your kids and talk about what's going on around the globe.

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