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English program for Children



Our program is based on the English Language Arts curriculum developed by the United States Department of Education.

The purpose of Eye Level is to assist students in mastering English by strengthening their target language skills. For this reason, Eye Level English is based on a personalized learning plan that focuses on language skills, allowing your child's comprehension of the subject to improve.

The Arts of Language:

Language arts is a broad topic area that deals with the understanding and ability to use written and oral language. Students gain language abilities through basic language structure, reading, and writing in Basic Language Arts.

Eye Level English Features:

Fundamental Language Skills Characteristics

Basic language arts and reading with vocabulary are included in Eye Level English so that your child can put what they've learned into practice.

  • Individualized Instruction
    Eye Level English allows students to start at a level where they can work independently with confidence while challenging themselves to progress.
  • Fun and Interesting
    Eye Level English is both attractive and enjoyable, fostering students' interest in reading and writing while also assisting them in approaching it in a fun manner.

The Importance of English Enrichment Classes For Students In School:

When typical English classes in school serve as important study areas for children, it has been demonstrated that English enrichment programs serve a valuable function for young learners. According to studies, English enrichment courses provide participants with various advantages, including improved recall and focus abilities, improved cooperation skills, and improved communication skills.

However, before you can understand how English enrichment courses might benefit your educational career, you must first understand a few facts regarding the enrichment program:

What is the purpose of the English enrichment program?

The secondary English enrichment class is a dedicated English tutorial program developed for students who learn at a higher level than in traditional classrooms. This curriculum is ideal for children who require an extra challenge to keep them interested in learning and engaged. This type of program concentrates on the areas of English in which the students want to succeed. This program enables them to work at a level that is most comfortable for them. It also allows pupils to advance at their own pace because it is a tailored program.

What is the value of an English enrichment program for students?

Increased self-awareness:

The majority of students are baffled as to why they are bored with their academics. Students can benefit from an English course for children by providing them with the resources to become more engaged in class.

Increased enthusiasm for studying English:

When pupils are disengaged, they lose interest and enthusiasm for learning. In this situation, the English engagement program assists students in rekindling their interest and involvement.

Improved English skills:

English enrichment programs educate students on how to study in English, including preparing for tests and managing their time.


Student involvement was extensively encouraged, highly valued, and immensely beneficial in seeking outstanding teaching and learning throughout the English Language Enrichment Program's creation, organization, and evaluation. Students were considerably more motivated to study if the activities were student-centered, as demonstrated in the project. They frequently took the initiative to offer suggestions, organize programs, publicize the message, and identify ways to improve their learning. Many students who participated in the English Enrichment Program said they learned more due to their participation.

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