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Eye Level Math assists children in catching up and staying ahead of the game.


We break down problem-solving abilities into manageable chunks that can be utilized in the real world.


The math enrichment program takes students through various topics, ranging from fundamental skills to advanced ideas. Our program starts with a strong foundation in arithmetic and progresses to more complex theory and applications.

Critical thinking skills such as sequencing, comparing, planning, hypothesizing, analyzing, and critiquing are taught by Eye Level's qualified instructors. As a result, students will gain abilities that they can use in their daily lives.

Eye Level Math is enthusiastic about teaching a topic that many pupils find frustrating. As a result of our program's emphasis on basic thinking math, your child will find it easier to grasp more difficult arithmetic ideas.

Eye Level Math Is Complementary To The School Curriculum:

Above all, your child must understand what is being taught in class. An essential and critical thinking approach aids in teaching more complex arithmetic ideas and aids your child in learning what is coming up next in school. Our math enrichment programs lay a strong foundation for your kid, giving them tools to use as they progress from concept to concept and grade to grade.

Eye Level East Cobb offers lessons for children of all ages, allowing us to support almost any child's educational journey.

Eye Level is a supplemental learning program offered in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Grasmere, Willowbrook, Charleston, Park Slope, Sheepshead Bay, Dyker Heights, and other centers. We provide math, English, reading, writing, summer, math, and ELA exam prep tutoring and enrichment programs. Our experienced teachers will assist your child in reaching their full potential.

4 Reasons to Choose Math Enrichment Programs!

You're not alone if you're thinking along these lines. It only appears OK in this rushed world provided our primary and immediate aims are attained! Few parents have the time to learn about intricacies and figure out what works best for our kids in the long run. After all, didn't John Maynard Keynes, the famous economist, say, "In the long run, we're all dead"?

What makes a Math enrichment program unique?

Even though the terms "tuition" and "enrichment" are commonly used interchangeably, they serve different purposes.

  • Encourages self-study
    Enrichment is intended to foster attributes necessary for lifelong learning by encouraging children to be enthusiastic and passionate about learning – as it encourages children to build the critical life skill of 'self-learning.'
  • Develops a love of mathematics
    Children who receive enrichment learn to appreciate Math topics, comprehend their intricacies, and, more crucially, learn to pace themselves in discovering the delights of Math, even when no external prod or push is present.
  • Enhances enthusiasm
    Enrichment programs consist of a fun-filled schedule of board games, mind exercises, thought-provoking reading materials, and other activities that motivate kids to study.
  • Enhances one's ability to think.
    Once awakened, the self-learning mind constantly adds new levels to thought (often unknowingly!) and rarely sleeps.

An analogy – to something equally crucial for well-intentioned parents!

Comparing the concept of enrichment to another essential topic for parents, health, may be helpful. Tuition is effective and comparable to tailored nutritional supplements and drugs that deliver specific health benefits. They rarely, however, improve the body's own ability to act in their absence. Enrichment is the same as enhancing physical capacities by bringing in a much larger focus - to increase essential qualities like immunity, strength, stamina, and so on throughout weeks and months.

On the other hand, good tuitions are practical and produce specific results for the tests they are aimed at. However, they do not motivate 'self-learning' and remain reliant on the tutor's method and concentration.

What is the efficacy of beGalileo in terms of math enrichment?

Every child is unique and has a unique learning curve, according to beGalileo's basic premise. Each child's readiness, conceptual clarity, skill set, learning style, and interest levels will vary. Our tailored teaching approaches are meant to pique a child's interest in a pleasant subject by concentrating their attention on a thorough comprehension of arithmetic principles and their application in real life.

How are we going to do it?

Any child who enrolls at beGalileo has a thorough assessment to determine their current level of math readiness and, more significantly, to identify areas of weakness carefully.


Let us keep this quote in mind for the sake of our children - Someone is sitting in the shade today because a tree was planted many years ago. Acting now to find the correct enrichment option can make a huge difference in a child's long-term success and future! Best wishes!

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