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Have you ever considered rereading a book?


We all have a favorite book. The one that we reread until its pages become worn out! So do you have an all-time favorite book that you picked up again and again?

I used to reread a lot in my childhood. Though I can't remember the names of all those books, Charlotte's Web by E.B. White was my favorite book, and I reread it too many times. I can remember how clean it was when I first got it and after reading it often, it looked worn out. There are many books that I have reread. The Sherlock Holmes series, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Harry Potter series, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and many more novels and books I have reread. Due to the hassle of work, I don't even remember where I have put these books. The rereading is good. If you have ever done that, you will get my point. The pandemic is going on, and we have plenty of free time. Don't miss the chance to reread your favorite books with your kids.

Here are some reasons you might want to reread the books.

Rereading is adequate to build the connection with the story:

Reading a book twice makes you understand the story's plot. The old memories of reading that book come to mind. This makes the connection with the story, and you know the meaning behind every word.

You understand the story deeply:

Rereading can help you dive deeper into the storyline, and you feel like you are living the story! The little things that you thought have no meaning may seem more important.

You can see the things you misread before:

Sometimes you don't understand the story in one reading. But you can when you reread it! You may have missed a plot twist or a character that has significant importance, but rereading helps recover it.

Rereading helps to unravel the characters:

You may have misjudged a character before. Maybe you got the wrong impression of some characters who are good, or you may have ignored the virtues of a character. You can also meet your favorite character of the book again by rereading.

You feel like you are an expert on a story

When you reread an account, you remember it clearly. If we consider you to read a report for the first time, you can live it when you reread it. When you know every single detail about the story, you rock the discussion about that book!

If you left some part in a rush, you could reread it:

If something came up and a paragraph or quotes, or an essential part of a story missed by you, those missing things you can reread.

Spend quality time with kids:

Rereading the kids' books with them will unleash the little child in you. You can relive those childhood moments again, and you will get to spend quality time with the kids.

You find yourself:

Rereading is a process of self-reflection. Although the book stays the same, your mind grows. You develop feelings of understanding. You get surprised when you find the missing link between the storyline. You get a fantastic experience, and you feel relaxed. You spend the time with yourself and find your soul.

Academic rereading improves understanding:

Various studies show that when students reread academic books, it increases their knowledge of the subject and develops critical thinking ability.

It makes your emotions strong:

Some people do not want to reread a book even if it is their most favorite. The reason is the intense storyline of the book containing someone's death or emotional scenes. But in my opinion, you should give it another shot. It lets the emotions out and clears your mind. It makes you stronger, and you learn to handle the feelings.

Things to remember while rereading:

Now that you know the reasons and benefits of rereading, you should make the most out of it. These few tips might help you to make your rereading worthy of your time.

Take notes:

When you like a book, you want to reread it. But do not just go for it again. Take notes from it. You may have selected a beautiful quote by the author, or you may have been amazed by a scenario or the brainstorming sentences from a story; note them down. Nowadays, we have smartphones. You can quickly take a picture of your favorite part of the book and use it later.

Enjoy the language of the book:

It may happen that you just read the book to know the end of the story. This excitement did not make you savor the language of the book. But when rereading, you can take a closer look at the language of the book and enjoy it. The words used by the author and the meanings they have created -you can enjoy all this in rereading.

Research the cause of the book:

When you read a book for the first time, the only reason can be your excitement about its content. But when you read it twice, try to understand the phenomena behind the book. Try to find out what inspired the author to write this storyline or the story behind the book and the struggles the author had. If it's your favorite book, you should take these efforts for it.

Give justice to other books:

There may be the books you did not like when you first read them, or there is a possibility that you never thoroughly read them. You may have gotten bored in a few lines and decided not to read further. But, are you judging a book by its cover? You know you should not. Try to reread such books and do justice to them! Who knows, you may find your new favorite book!

How does rereading help the children?

Children usually get bored with a book, and some do not even finish it. There are chances that they are not getting the actual knowledge from the books if they are not engaged in them. Making them reread the readers can benefit them in many ways. How would you make your child reread the books? These things might work.

Reread with them:

If you want to make your child reread the books, you should take the first step. You should bring your favorite book and ask the child to get his/her favorite book. Children copy the elder's actions, and so they are most likely to be excited about this rereading activity. You reread your book and let the child read the book of his/her choice.

1.Reread the book for your child

To teach rereading books to your child, engage yourself with it. Sit beside the child and read his/her favorite book aloud. This will make the child understand the stories and the part he/she missed at the first reading.

2.Enact the stories

If you want your child to engage in rereading, try to act out the stories and see the magic. Your child will love the books he/she never wished to read. Children would appreciate this activity, and they will try to reread more books.

3.Reward them when they complete rereading

Give some rewards to your child when he/she finishes rereading a book. Ask them questions about the story, and when the child gives the correct answers, you can praise or provide a reward for him/her. This will encourage the child to reread, and he/she might like the book, and you won't need to reward them again!

Benefits of rereading

Once your child starts rereading the books, you will observe the changes in him/her. Rereading can help your child in the following ways.

1. A child can develop comprehension skills:

Comprehension is the ability to understand everything. When a child rereads a book, he/she is more likely to grasp everything in the story, such as the plot, characters, and moral of the story. This is something beyond just enjoyment. Due to developed comprehensive skills, the kid will get an advantage in the studies and can grasp the learning quicker.

2. Rereading can help a child to increase vocabulary:

It is evident that when a child rereads a book, he/she will gain the vocabulary. The child improves word recognition and learns new words. It is more likely to happen when a child finishes rereading a book; he/she will demand a new book. This is great for their vocabulary building and understanding of the words. Ask your child to note down each time they find a new comment. You can tell the meaning of them, which will add new words to the glossary of your child.

3. Children start to handle phonics better:

For small kids, maybe toddlers, or the kids in preschool, rereading aloud develops a good knowledge of phonics. They get more aware of the punctuations, sounds of the words, and variations of sound while reading. They understand the correctness between the pronunciation and the spelling. They know the rhythm of the terms and how language works. This helps them in various activities such as acting, public speaking, or delivering speeches.

4.The bonding between you and your child increases:

When you spend time with kids, they will certainly appreciate that. Rereading is an excellent option to teach your child and have fun at the same time. You can get a perfect opportunity for bonding. You can convert the rereading into a fun, happy activity, and your child will love it. You can even call his/her friends with their favorite books to your home, and you all will have small rereading sessions.

5. A child becomes confident:

A child becomes confident when he/she develops knowledge of vocabulary and collects new words. By rereading, the child can gain this confidence and read a book without pausing. He/She gets the fluency and accuracy in reading that result in a confidence boost. A new reader takes time to understand the story and its characters and needs to focus on every word. But your child can understand the storyline faster and with fluency.

The most significant advantage of rereading is that your child starts to love the books. Books are good teachers, and they can provide practical learning to your child.

So when are you going to find and clean the dust off your favorite book? Take a step, give a break to the gadget in your hand and teach your child the art of rereading!

At the Eye Level learning center, we believe in rereading. Your child will fall in love with the books at our center, and we will even reread them for your child. Our center provides the best Mathematics and English programs for children that develop their problem-solving abilities, comprehensive skills, and linguistic development.

We think from the children's perspective and provide the best activities to boost their skills. Children study from our specially curated booklets that they would love to reread. With all the safety measures and care at our learning center, we teach the children the basic concepts in Maths and English. For the ease of a child, we also provide online learnings. We understand a child's needs and skills through a diagnostic test and offer relevant coaching to have a complete understanding of the concepts. With self-directed learning, a child can master the skills and gain confidence.

You can visit our website https://www.eyeleveleastcobb.com/ for more detailed information.

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