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How to make reading fun for your little one!

Reading is essential for the growth of a child. It is fundamental in the process of education. Nowadays, most children only read academic books for grades. Television screens and smartphones tend to capture their attention much more than words on a page. There were days when parents used to be upset with their children for reading comics. But now, parents are the biggest cheerleaders, as they clearly know the benefits that reading everyday will bring in their child’s development; What matters most is not the format of material that your child chooses, but rather them finding the motivation to read everyday. So what are the ways to make your child love reading? Here are a few tips to encourage your child along the stepping stones to a bright future:


Read with your child

Through the process of imprinting, children model their behavior to match those around them. If you want to make your children love reading, then:

  • Accompany them.
  • Read together.
  • Use various tones as per the scenarios.
  • Show them how fun it is to read. You can even do a competition of reading and whoever reads quickly wins.
  • Try to increase engagement with your children.Children love when elders engage with them.


Use short story books with colorful pictures

Children love stories. Give them short story books and appreciate them whenever they finish reading a novel. A little bit of positive encouragement goes a long way! Also, books with a lot of pictures are ideal for younger kids. Rather than just letting them look at the pictures, try asking them to interpret the image with the story. This will help them become more articulate while also doing wonders for their creative thinking!

Read with friends

Exploration and socialization are important skills to cultivate during those vital early developmental years. Not only do group activities build a strong sense of communication but they also build confidence! Why not involve your child’s friends and encourage them to read together? Collaborative learning allows children to learn from sources that are often much more relatable than any parent or teacher could hope for. Arrange short games where children have to read stories and tell them to others. Give them minor prizes if possible. You can even participate with them!

Set a routine

A routine for reading can be set up as a way to encourage daily practice. Whether its doing chores, reading a book or even TV time, having a schedule can often help make any task more approachable! Remind them when they forget to follow it and reward them when they stick to it. Developing healthy routines is not only beneficial for academics and learning, but is a skill that can show benefits in every aspect of their lives.

Make sure you read too!

Remember what we said earlier about imprinting? That's right, if you as parents are glued to your smartphones, then is it really a surprise that your child does the same? Your actions will reach your child long before any words do. Try to read more frequently when they are around. This doesn't just have to be picture or story books at home either. We use reading in every aspect of our lives. Whether we’re ordering dinner off the menu at our favorite local restaurant or shopping on amazon for those coveted new sneakers, reading is everywhere! Therefore, help your child enjoy reading both inside and outside the home. And don’t just tell them the importance of reading; try to show it regularly.

As you know, your child’s bookshelf describes their character. Make reading enjoyable for your little ones and help them build great character and personality. Overall the conclusion is that if you want your children to love reading, you should take a stand. At Eye Level East Cobb, we help your child along, on their journey in learning and are committed to making reading fun and part of their routine. East Cobb Eye-level learning center is an excellent option to make your children love reading.

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