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Online English Classes: Myths and Truths

The pandemic has made us all stay at home for an extended period of time. Every day service industries where people gather, like schools and colleges have been shut off or slowed down for face to face learning for almost a year. This has affected one of the precious years of our students' educational journey. To save children from academic loss, schools started conducting online classes. Some parents were in favor of this new way of learning for their school aged children, but several were against it. There are several parents who think language is a subject that cannot be taught online. There are some myths about online English classes.

Online English Classe


Through the process of imprinting, children model their behavior to match those around them. If you want to make your children love reading, then:

English is a language, hence it must be taught in school by a tutor, face to face.

It is difficult for a child to pick up on gestures, how things are said, and other cues important for understanding what is being said.

    Virtual classrooms are a one-way street

    It is imagined that in online classes, the teacher switches on the camera and the microphone, gives a lecture, assigns homework and leaves.

      Children cannot grasp when it is online

      It is a surprise that this myth exists in this modern era.

        Our kids use smart devices with internet connectivity all day long, they watch videos, play games, listen to songs, and are able to describe to us exactly what they understood. In fact children with computer and internet access can actually learn better and quicker if given a chance and guided properly.

        Students lose interest during e-learning

        To be fair, students can lose interest even while sitting in front of their teacher in the physical classroom or while doing the homework in front of their parents. It has nothing to do with a screen presence but more to do with the kind of material taught to them.

        Screentime is bad for kids

        Since we were told watching TV is bad for the eyes, it is assumed that taking online classes must be bad for a child’s health as well. Please remember that the technology has improved way more in all these years and computer screens come with anti-glare and zero eye strain effects now. Eye Health in the Digital Age: Does Too Much Screen Time Hurt Your Vision? - UAB Medicine News - UAB Medicine


        Online English classes are good for children:

        Children are smart and they know how to handle technology. Online classes will make them use technology and education together for their advancement..

          English training programs can be accessed anytime, anywhere:

          The main benefit of classes being online is, they can be accessed anytime. Because they are online, there are no restrictions of place or uniform or drive time.

            Online English classes are affordable:

            Nowadays, online English classes are inexpensive. Because of their increasing demand, many programs are affordable and come with high quality instruction.

              Children can learn at their own pace:

              The most important thing about online English programs or classes is children can learn at their own pace in the comfort of their home. There is no hassle of parents running around chauffeuring their kids.The best part is, children are able to connect with their teachers at the same level as in-person classes and understand the concepts just like before .

                Eye Level English Training Program:

                ‘Eye Level East Cobb Learning Center’ provides the best English program for students in Marietta. They have a specially designed curriculum for children of ages 3 to 15 years. They provide both offline and online methods. The structure of their training programs is a diagnostic assessment to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a child, then create a customized curriculum based on the child’s current skill set and establish a structured path to a successful learning experience. It is a self-directed learning model, taught at the kid’s level, which helps them attain mastery at ease, which makes Eye Level East Cobb, the best choice for your school aged child.

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