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Eye level support for online math and english learning - discover a new learning with eye-level support



Education is the most critical component of people's lives. A considerable quantity of new and relevant information occurs every minute. These days, online study or learning is becoming increasingly popular.

The world's burgeoning learning population is being forced to sit at home as countries worldwide go into lockdown and crackdown on large-group gatherings. The virus has had the most devastating effect on schooling. Students become bored when using the computer and searching the internet. Therefore online education does not generate interest.

The Threats of Online Learning

Parents are concerned about their children due to the shift to online education and the closure of traditional instiTuitions and with good reason. According to the findings of nearly 300 studies on remote learning, students learn less efficiently when taking classes online. Furthermore, the seamless transition to online education has been marred by trial and error, Zoom bombing, and technical problems.

What is Eye Level

Eye Level is a systematic, personalized curriculum that uses a unique and proven learning method to cater to all levels. The early steps in learning create the way for a future that is both educated and holistic. Eye Level is built on the idea that pupils should be able to learn at their speed. This allows each child, regardless of age or school grade, to have a unique starting point based on their abilities. The student's learning pace will determine the study progress of each child. Eye Level is a supplemental education program started in Korea roughly 30 years ago and now has over 2.5 million students enrolled worldwide.

Opportunity in Pandemic

Because of the Covid 19 outbreak, Eye Level Support has developed a virtual platform to teach your child. We provide one-on-one and face-to-face academic coaching through the internet. Our tutoring is available on the internet and maybe accessed from any device. Despite the difficulties that virtual education presents, this form of face-to-face instruction has proven very effective. Our eye-level support makes the online math and English program a specific and easy topic. The experience of learning from our coaching will be fun for children. We make the learning fun for your children at Eye-level learning.

Success in Small Steps

The Eye Level program's concepts and capabilities are all interconnected. Therefore, before progressing to more complicated skills, a child must master basic foundational skills, which will increase his or her accuracy and speed when answering more complex problems.


At Eye Level, the math curriculum is meant to strengthen both arithmetic and problem-solving capabilities. Our lecturers assist students in grasping a variety of mathematical ideas. Eye-Level Blending Learning is an online learning platform that uses interactive online assignments, activities, and math games to help students improve their mental math skills and increase their enthusiasm.

Numbers, Arithmetic, Measurement, and Equations are covered in Basic Thinking Math, which allows pupils to complete the basis of mathematics.

Thinking Critically Math covers the following study areas: Patterns and Relationships, Geometry, Measurement, Problem Solving, and Reasoning, and allows pupils to build depth perception, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

The Advantages of Eye Level Math

  • Systematic study resources for all levels help pupils to gradually comprehend and master the required mathematical ideas.
  • Study materials that can help you develop your capacity to answer problems on your own. Students will be able to answer questions that are variants of the same theme.
  • A way of teaching that is interactive and contains proactive feedback. Eye Level education includes communication as a critical component.
  • Eye-Level aids in the development of critical and analytical thinking skills in students. Throughout all levels, varying levels of difficulty and question types are introduced systematically.
  • Students receive rapid feedback through the online blended programme, allowing them to remedy mistakes and learn as they work. Students' learning experiences are enhanced through online ranking and math games. Parents can check their child's results at any time using the parent account.
  • Math is often regarded as a complicated subject, but we make it fun to learn in our interactive classes. Learn math online is not easy, but within our class, it will become easy to understand. It will be a fortune for your child to learn math from our well and highly qualified tutors.


Eye Level English improves students' English Language Arts abilities to reach the state standards' benchmarks. The program uses research-based, standards-driven material to help children develop foundational and advanced reading and writing abilities in a methodical progression that builds confidence and self-directed study habits.

The Advantages of Eye Level English

  • The growth of comprehension and the extension of written and oral language capability are all part of English Language Arts. Students learn rudimentary language skills through language structure, reading, and writing in essential language arts.
  • Explicit instruction, targeted practice and oral reading focusing on fluency help students improve essential reading abilities.
  • The personalized design of the curriculum allows students to start at a level where they can work alone and confidently progress to more challenging content.
  • The writing booklets from Eye Level teach students to the four main types of writing: narrative, informational, opinion, and research.
  • Students start with simple picture replies to carefully chosen prompts and progress to basic sentences, paragraphs, and finally, three-paragraph essays.

Boost Your Child's Academic Performance

Eye Level is a program that aims to help children retain what they've already learned, avoid further learning loss over the summer, and make the transition back to school easier. Our engaging approach boosts self-directed learning and critical thinking, allowing kids to get the most out of online learning. It also gives parents a way to intervene in the learning loss caused by this year's summer slide combined with the COVID slide induced by school closures.

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