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Secrets to Standardized Testing Success


Although classroom and study habits have changed with technological advances, standardized testing remains a constant comparable measure for students. It’s an efficient tool to categorize and compare student performance, whether for achievement, measuring aptitude, or placement. The preparation for these tests is just as important as mastering the material.

With many students preparing for the standardized testing this spring, below are helpful tips from Eye Level for any math or English evaluation:

  • Read As Much A PossibleReading helps build vocabulary, which is a major advantage of standardized testing. Expose your child to novels, news articles, and magazines that contain countless benefits – ranging from visualizing story concepts and knowing correct grammar usage to analytical thinking.

  • Analyze Your ReadingStandardized tests are always full of critical thinking, comparing, and linking questions. When reading, don’t just have your child identify the basic who, what, when, where, why, and how. Please encourage your child to take their reading to the next level by posing questions that will help them fully comprehend the material and reinforce critical thinking for testing.

  • Visualize the ProblemVisualizing the problem ensures that test takers don’t get bogged down by possible distractors or additional, nonessential information. This tactic is especially useful for math problems.

  • Master Mental MathMental math speeds up the test-taking process, and practicing with flashcards is a great way to master basic math operations and enhance mental math skills. Writing carryovers and additional steps could cost precious seconds and minutes to check or evaluate answers.

  • Estimate to EliminateEstimating the answer and applying math sense is important in eliminating possible wrong answers and distractors, particularly problems containing a wide range of answers. An approximation is helpful even if the test taker is unsure of the exact answer.

  • Identify Math VocabularyTeach your child keywords associated with math problems that will help them quickly identify the correction operation to perform:

    • Addition: sum, add, altogether, both, in all, total
    • Subtraction: subtract, difference, left, less, minus, fewer, how many/much more, remains
    • Multiplication: times, multiples, area, volume
    • Division: in each average, quotient, amount of each, per, ratio divide

Tips for All Types of Tests

  • Time Management.It’s important to figure out the correct answer, but DO NOT fixate on one problem or second guess your answer.

  • Practice Makes Perfect.Practicing and preparation are vital components of being a successful test taker. If you know that a test will contain more or a variation of a type of question, practice answering those types of questions. This is also a great way to get used to the testing environment and be aware of a time limit, which can be intimidating. With enough practice, your mind will be aware and trained on how much time is appropriate for each question.

  • Get to Bed on Time and Eat Breakfast.Although this should be done daily, it is especially critical before a test. In doing both, you can focus on the test at hand instead of being tired or hungry.

  • Be Positive.It’s important to have a positive attitude when taking tests. Negativity breeds distractions and mistakes. Visualize how you will be rewarded after the test, whether it is a celebratory meal or extra sleep.


Eye Level, a supplemental education and enrichment program, offers a teaching philosophy and education method where self-directed learning, individualized academic coaching, and critical thinking are at the core of helping children improve and excel academically. Eye Level has more than 150 centers in the U.S. and more than 780 locations worldwide. Eye Level is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daekyo Co., founded by Youngjoong Kang, who also acts as the Chairman of Daekyo’s Board of Directors.

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