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Teaching Mathematics With Concept Motivation


About Eye level

The Eye Level method is built on a single guiding principle: our students' pace and perspective. Our instructors consider their requirements, resulting in successful coaching and learning. Over 2 million school-aged youngsters are now enrolled in schools around the world. We are a prominent provider of additional education due to our proactive learning strategy.

To optimize his or her learning potential, each student enrolled in our study programs goes through a five-step process:

  • Examining the Situation
  • The Beginning Point
  • Self-Directed Education
  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Feedback

MATH Program

The math curriculum at Eye Level is meant to help students enhance their arithmetic skills as well as their problem-solving abilities in general. Our lecturers assist students in grasping a variety of mathematical ideas.

Numbers, Arithmetic, Measurement, and Equations are covered in Basic Thinking Math, which allows pupils to complete the basis of mathematics.

Thinking Critically Math encompasses the following study areas: Patterns and Relationships, Geometry, Measurement, Problem Solving, and Reasoning, and allows pupils to build depth perception, problem-solving, and reasoning skills.

Curriculum and Booklets

We don't create a learning plan for a kid based on their age or grade, but rather on their strengths and shortcomings. We will be able to choose an initial beginning point for your child based on the diagnostic assessment results. Each session after that, your child will receive a new set of booklets.

Each session of Eye Level Math includes two essential thinking math booklets and one critical thinking math booklet. The counting numbers, arithmetic, measurement, and equations skills are covered in the basic thinking math books. Patterns and relationships, geometry, measurement, problem-solving, and reasoning, are all covered in the critical thinking math books.

The Potential for Proficiency

What if you could teach your child all of the abilities they'll need to succeed in arithmetic long before they're needed in the classroom? We're here to inform you that you absolutely can and should do it. We all know that early childhood is a period of rapid brain development. Human intellect can also be boosted via hard work and competent teaching, according to new studies. As a result, when their children are young, parents have a critical window of opportunity to enhance learning and brain growth. We can nurture the neurological connections that facilitate systematic thinking, sequence and pattern identification, and problem-solving by including children in pleasant, constructive math experiences early on. To put it another way, thinking mathematically improves math skills and intelligence overall.

To build & maintain, exercise.

Mathematical learning, unfortunately, does not happen instantly or by osmosis. Math is complex because it demands you to make connections and see patterns. Mathematical reasoning improves the brain in the same way that physical training does. Math early in life boosts critical thinking skills and contributes to overall intelligence and laying the groundwork for later scholastic success. You've probably seen elderly individuals practice crossword puzzles and play cards to keep their minds fresh; young people with developing brains can also benefit from mental workouts and cognitive fitness.

Set your child up for math success

Parents must provide their children with positive arithmetic experiences at a young age to foster future math-related brain connections. By providing extra arithmetic exercises as early as possible, you can help your child reach his or her full cognitive potential. The advantage you gain as a consequence will lessen classroom stress and homework challenges, as well as the possibility of you needing tutoring in the future. Schedule a free diagnostic evaluation with Eye Level to have access to a proven-successful math enrichment program that meets your child where he or she is – every step of the way.

Benefits of Math Program

  • Systematic study tools for pupils at all levels allow them to grasp and learn the required mathematical ideas gradually.
  • Study materials that can help you increase your capacity to solve problems on your own. Students will be able to answer questions that are variants of the same theme.
  • A form of teaching that combines proactive feedback and is interactive. Eye Level education includes communication as a critical component.
  • Students can use Eye Level to improve their critical and analytical thinking skills. Throughout all levels, varying levels of difficulty and question types are introduced systematically.
  • Students can use their skills in all areas of study with Eye Level. Students will progress more quickly in all areas of academic study and will consequently gain confidence in all areas of study.

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