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5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Summer Reading



It may be challenging to persuade your child to read when the sun is shining, or friends visit. However, the open days of summer provide a fantastic opportunity for your youngster to discover the book genres and themes that interest them the most. You can see when the time of day is optimal for getting in those 20 minutes of daily reading, and you can assist your child in identifying any reading abilities that need to be improved. Make your child join Eye Level East Cobb summer camp, and we make study fun for your child.

Making a wide range of books available to your young reader is one excellent method to help them find the perfect book. Here are five more guaranteed strategies to inspire your kids to read this summer with Eye Level.

Make Reading A Regular Component Of Your Routine

It's challenging to stick to a schedule in the summer, but it's critical to build a reading routine, especially if you want to foster a habit that will lead to a love of reading. If your child goes camping every day, read your "downtime" in the evening: the whole family may read together, aloud or silently. If your child spends most of the day at sports practice, get them up a half-hour earlier and encourage them to start the day by reading, maybe over breakfast.

If your family enjoys the freedom of summer, make reading time that crucial hour after lunch, when everyone needs to recover before the second half of the day.

The Reading Materials Should Be Varied

Reading counts even if children do not read books every day throughout the summer. Consider carrying a stack of magazines in the vehicle, on the plane, to the pool, or on the beach – practically wherever kids could grow bored and want to read a few pages.

Newspapers are another excellent source of knowledge that stimulates children's thoughts. Consider a summer or weekend membership so that your child may keep up with local, national, and international news and learn about a range of other topics that you think are acceptable for their age. Later, they will reassemble to discuss what they have read.

Keep your phone away from you.

Avoiding your phone is also a distraction. Put your phone on mute, turn off the alarms, and flip it around so you can't even SEE them, or simply turn it off! Place the phone out of sight if it helps, so you're not tempted to check your messages.

Join Eye Level East Cobb Camp

Reading challenges are prevalent throughout the summer, and they do work for some kids. Struggling readers, in particular, might benefit from the extra motivation to take up a book.

At Eye Level, summer camp makes your family a reading challenge, such as reading a specific amount of books before going on a weekend excursion. However, reading books does not have to be the aim. You may keep track of the number of hours or chapters read, magazine articles read, or series finished – whatever inspires your reader!

Talk About Their Books

Talking with your child about their books shows that you care about their opinions and feelings. It's also an excellent approach to see how well they understand what they're reading.

There are other methods to start talks about beloved books outside your one-on-one. You can assist your kid in forming a summer book club with their friends, who can choose an appropriate number of novels to read during the summer and meet regularly to discuss their progress.

Get Stuck In English Classes For Kids

Eye-Level makes English classes for kids easy. The easiest method to get youngsters interested in reading is to pair them with a favorite book series. They'll be compelled to read more because they'll want to learn everything they can about a subject or follow their favorite characters through each adventure that's been published.

Read the first book with your child if they are a struggling or uninterested reader. Your youngster could pick up the book on their own before you realize it to move ahead!

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